Location: Germany

Monday, October 16, 2006


Niki Müllerschön
Director and screenplay

Dan Maag

Thomas Reisser

Roland Pellegrino

Andrew Jack
Dialogue Coach

Andrew Mollo
Millitary Consultant

Stephan Barth
Line Producer

Georg Korpas
Makeup Artist

Gudrun Schretzmeier
Costume Designer

Klaus Merkel
Director of Photography

Thilo Kuther
VFX Supervisor

Rainer Gombos
VFX Supervisor

Pirmin Straub


Blogger Karla Poewe said...

The Red Baron is a significant film for several reasons: 1. the dialogue between von Richthofen and the nurse has depth. 2. the portrayal of the wounded underlined the horrors of war. 3. it is simply brilliant that Germans portrayed German life in the English language because it reduced tiresome stereotypes. 4. above all, the film captured the whole tragedy of German life and history, both its beauty and its folly. It filled me with a deep sense of loss for the culture and life that I, that we, lost. Embedded in the film is the profound transition from playfulness to humanity, and from the innocence of supreme competence to the painful recognition of its potential destructiveness.
Karla Poewe, Ph.D.

8:59 PM  

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